Pre-Piano Lessons For Kids

We are excited to announce the newest program to our school – pre-piano for kids ages 5-7!

These pre-piano lessons are specially designed for young children and helps to prepare them to take real music lessons in piano and singing.

Imagine a music program that teaches your child how to:

  1. Learn actual music reading skills
  2. Understand and count rhythm
  3. Play songs in a kid friendly manner
  4. Recognize important music vocabulary

Our program is developed so that students can transition from early piano for kids to real music lessons down the road whether it be piano, singing or even violin (Medford only).

We listened to your feedback to find a program that would meet your expectations and develop your child’s interest in music.

We got a number of phone calls from parents just like you looking for a real music program, not a class where kids run around, bang on drums and dance. So we researched the best pre-piano lessons for kids and decided on the program that met our high criteria for learning.

While we believe that focused study on an instrument is best started between the ages of 6 and 7, there are many children younger than that that are more than ready to get started with the very basics of music comprehension.

Our program focuses first on associating music with colors and solfege (do-re-mi) to learn how to properly read and play music. As students progress, the colors go away and are replaced by real musical notes on a staff. We use colored and lettered desk bells (no pianos needed) to help your child start playing music right away. It also helps them start recognizing the difference between notes and pitches. This is a VERY important skill for music lessons down the road.

You can see an example of the music we will do below.

Help your child get the cognitive benefits of learning music at an early age in a fun and safe learning environment.

Try a free 30-minute class at one of our locations to learn more about our pre-piano program and make sure it’s a good fit for your child. 

Scroll down and click the yellow below to fill out our form to learn more about our pre-piano lessons for young children.

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