Are you or your child interested in having fun with music lessons?

We help ordinary people become extraordinary musicians at our music school.


Did you know most students who start music lessons will give up on their dream of becoming a better musician because they never got the right kind of instruction?

At LB Music School, we genuinely want you or your child to be successful at learning music and are dedicated to giving you every resource to make that possible.

That’s what makes our music school different.

We want to hold your hand through the entire process and guide you every step of the way. That’s the easiest part of our job and we love doing it.

We have created a unique atmosphere to learn music in and have a number of programs to help you reach your musical goals and have fun with music.

4 Reasons To Study At Our Music School

1.) We Will Save You Time, Money & Years Of Frustration With Highly Qualified Music Teachers

You do not need to worry about wasting time and money with an inexperienced teacher because we only hire and train the best. We are focused on what you want to get out of your lessons and will motivate and support you through the process.  We have helped many students reach their goals faster than they would on their own. Part of that success is due to the caliber of teachers we recruit as well as the unique methods we use to give you the best value for your money.

2.) We Want To Help You Succeed Via Our Revolutionized Approach To Teaching Music

We have a proven record of helping students just like you or your child over the years. Don’t waste time and money becoming someone else’s guinea pig. We have tested what works and what doesn’t and we only continue to use the methods and techniques that produce results for our students. That is how we developed our unique training system for maximum results. We have taught many students like you or your child learn to play the guitar, piano, drums, violin and sing from absolute beginners to self-taught musicians, as well as more advanced/professional players and singers that have been performing for years.

3.) Imagine Have Fun Actually Using Your Musical Skills In Real Life Musical Settings That Supercharge Your Progress And Self Confidence

We realize that in order to be successful at music, you have to actually use what you are learning. We help you have more fun with your instrument and build confidence in your abilities via a number of valuable opportunities and classes such as: ensembles, bands, workshops and performances throughout the year. What’s more fun that playing music with others who are learning just like you?

Students are never required to perform, but we do offer free open mics throughout the year. Open Mics at our music school provide the perfect opportunity for students to use their skills, meet other students and have more fun with their instruments. Parents can see the progress their child is making while adults can have the opportunity to form bands and play with other musicians. Performances are a lot of fun and students are always happy that they participated even if they were scared to do so at first.

4.) Convenient & Central Location

Our music school is located just 15 minutes north of Boston and less than 5 minutes from I-93, so getting to our school is easy. We have free, 2-hour on street parking and some off street parking as well. This means you do not have to fight meters and time restrictions. We also have shopping and grocery stores up the road so your can run errands while your child is in lessons.

I would highly recommend LB Music School. The school is great and the recordings that we get back of our lesson are great.



My daughter has been taking guitar lessons for almost three years now and it’s been worth every penny!

Karens Mom


Our experience with LB Music School has been very positive and I would be happy to recommend this school to anyone interested in taking music lessons.

Meghan, Sophia's Mom