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music lessons, guitar lessons, electric guitar, female guitarist, medford, wakefieldAre you interested in music lessons but are unsure with how to get started? Maybe you’re stuck with a book or learning random things on Youtube and are looking for a more structured learning environment.

If you’ve landed on this page, congratulations! It’s clear you are ready to learn more about how you or your child can become a better musician with our quality guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons.

Why Good Music Lessons Are Important

Did you know, most students who start music lessons will give up on their dream of playing or singing music because they never got the right instruction?

Unfortunately, most students seek out poor quality teaching methods before getting help from an expert. At LB Music School of Medford and Wakefield, we genuinely want you or your child to be successful at learning music. We are dedicated to giving you every resource to make that possible. 

If you’re feeling stuck or just confused with where to start, you’re in the right spot and we want to help you with drum, singing, guitar or pianos lessons.

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“It’s a really good investment if you are looking to step up your game and become a better player…

guitar player, guitar lessons, acoustic guitaristI’ve been playing guitar for 20 years but I really haven’t improved much, so I decided to get some professional help. It’s been a great experience for me. If you want to improve, you’re going to do it faster if you take lessons and you have somebody watching you and guiding you through what you’re doing. – Todd, guitar lessons


3 Reasons To Study At Our Music School

1.) We Will Save You Time, Money & Years Of Frustration With Highly Qualified Music Teachers

You do not need to worry about wasting time and money with an inexperienced teacher. We only hire and train the best for our Medford and Wakefield music schools. We are focused on what you want to get out of your drum, piano, voice, or guitar lessons and will motivate and support you throughout the process.  We have helped many students reach their goals faster than they would on their own. Part of that success is due to the caliber of teachers we recruit as well as the unique methods we use to give you the best value for your money.

2.) We Want To Help You Succeed Via Our Revolutionized Approach To Teaching Music

We have a proven record of helping students just like you or your child over the years. Don’t waste time and money becoming someone else’s guinea pig. We have tested what works and what doesn’t and we only continue to use the methods and techniques that produce the best results for our students. That is how we developed our unique training system for maximum results. We have taught many students like you or your child learn to play the guitar, piano, drums, violin and sing. Whether you are an absolute beginner, a self-taught musician, or a more advanced/professional player or singer, we want to help improve your skills.

3.) Have Fun Using Your Instrument In Real Life Musical Settings That Build Confidence And Promote Progress

We realize that in order to be successful with drum, guitar, singing or piano lessons, you have to actually use what you are learning. We help you have more fun with your instrument and build confidence in your abilities via a number of valuable opportunities and classes. We offer ensembles, bands, workshops and performances throughout the year. What’s more fun than playing music with others who are learning just like you?

Students are never required to perform, but we do offer free open mics throughout the year. Open Mics at our music school provide the perfect opportunity for students to use their skills, meet other students and have more fun with their instruments. Parents can see the progress their child is making while adults can have the opportunity to form bands and play with other musicians. Performances are a lot of fun and students are always happy that they participated even if they were scared at first. Not only that music lessons have so many benefits to both adults and children.

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–  We want to save you a lot of time, money and frustration. We know we can help you reach your musical goals with our music lessons and we want to show you how. This is why we offer a discounted introductory assessment piano, drum, singing or guitar lesson to new students. Get Started Now

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Voted #1 Music School in Medford for 2015 & 2016

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons for almost three years now and it’s been worth every penny! The results have been, and continue to be, absolutely priceless as far as my daughter’s self-confidence. We both recommend LB Music School to anyone interested in learning to play an instrument or to sing at this awesome school!

Karens Mom

Guitar Lessons

Piano lessons are certainly an investment, but one that we have found to be very worthwhile.  Our experience with LB Music School has been very positive and I would be happy to recommend this school to anyone interested in taking music lessons. I cannot overstate how much of a difference having an amazing teacher has made for our child’s musical development.

Meghan, Sophia's Mom

Piano Lessons

Thanks to LB Music School, I got a gold ticket from X Factor and made it until the last round! I would highly recommend LB Music School. The school is great and the recordings that we get back of our lesson are great.


Singing Lessons

I self taught myself for about 2 years before I was encouraged to start taking lessons. I needed a professional to get me to the next level. I can now play songs from start to finish. I understand the different parts of a song and I am able to read music to help me understand certain parts of playing. I am able to ask questions where I could not without lessons. Mostly when I play music on the drums I am able to perfect what I am playing to the point of playing correctly. I would definitely recommend this school because I see how far I have come with my drums over the past two years.


Drum Lessons