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At LB Music School, we aspire to inspire. We foster creativity and confidence through fun and supportive music instruction. Students of all ages will develop both life-long discipline and happiness as we help them incorporate music into their lives. Our educators find fulfillment and community through a shared passion for music and changing lives through music.

Welcome to our family.


Hi, my name is Lauren Bateman and I am the owner of LB Music School. My promise to you is to continually pursue and use the best teaching methods and lesson formats around for you or your child to:

  1. Learn their instrument faster
  2. Have more fun
  3. Build self-confidence
  4. Enjoy the process of learning music

Over the years, I wasted a lot of time and money
on trying to learn to play the piano, drums, guitar and sing. Early in my music career, I tried many things that did not work at making me a better musician:

  1. I felt frustrated by trying to learn on my own with books and video instruction. I would get stuck, have questions that no one could answer or I did not know what the next step to take was.
  2. I thought I was saving money with cheap, bargain instructors but found I only wasted my time and money with unqualified teachers that caused more problems than they tried to solve.
  3. Without proper instruction, I had no incentive to practice and no one to hold me accountable which meant it took me almost a decade to make any real progress with my playing.


Imagine how much faster you could have fun with your instrument when you learn from the #1 music school in the area


Imagine if you found a teacher that was willing to motivate you.

Imagine if you had someone to answer all your questions.

Imagine if you had a step by step approach to learning your instrument.

Imagine if you never had to struggle with reaching your goals.

I spent years wasting my time and money on low quality instruction, and that is why I set out to start a music school that would offer a unique approach to learning. Now you can feel comfortable that you will learn exactly what you need to learn in exactly the right order, no matter your skill level.

The easiest part of our job is helping students just like you get started with music and solving your musical problems. We help students focus their learning so that they are working on exactly what they need to know right now.

Unlike other music schools and teachers in the area, we don’t just teach music lessons. We give you the knowledge, instruction, motivation, training and guidance to get you off to the right start with your instrument and help you become better than you could have ever imagined.

This is why we are the #1 rated school in the area. Because we don’t take the standard approach to learning music.


Here’s What You Get From Taking Music Lessons With Us


  • Qualified instructors help you save time and money 
  • We are going to teach you the one big thing that helps you learn music quicker
  • Have fun faster with opportunities to play music with other musicians
  • Multiple lesson options provides more flexibility than traditional lessons
  • We will teach you the best ways to train so you won’t even need to practice at home
  • You have a higher chance of success because of our proven track record


Frequently asked questions about music instruction

Am I too old to start learning an instrument?

Absolutely not. We have taught music classes to adults in their 80s. You are never too old to start learning an instrument. Music lessons actually help keep your brain active, reduce stress and improve hearing in adults students.

Do I need to have natural talent to learn and instrument?

No. It is VERY rare for someone to be a musical prodigy. For those of our students that do not have natural talent (every student we have taught so far), we will teach you how to install it directly into your brain through our unique training programs.

Can you really help me or my child learn music?

Yes. Most people are skeptical about whether they will be able to learn to play an instrument. They want to know: “Will this work for me.” My answer to you is that if you commit to your lessons and follow through and do everything we tell you to do, we guarantee that you or your child will become a good musician.

“What I enjoy a lot now that I’ve lessons for two and half years is the fact that I can now take my own songs and put them in a higher [range] and it sounds much nicer. I really like the fact that I’m always learning something new. I want to keep doing voice lessons because I’ve had so much progress. The investment has been absolutely worth it.” Mariana F., singing student


We will help you or your child become a better musician

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