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Below are some wonderful articles written by the owner of LB Music School. Some of these articles offer motivation, some offer music tips and exercises, while other are general information for parents and potential students. Please browse through our articles and let us know if you found the information within helpful.

Free Music Lessons From Lauren:


Rhythm Exercises For Beginners – Learn about the basic foundation of rhythm and timing for all types of music.

Information & Advice For Parents:

Why I Wish My Parents Never Let Me Quit Music Lessons – While the goal for every child is to learn and love music, I encourage parents to see the real life lessons we teach our student in music lessons. That winners never quit, and quitters never win. That when things get tough, we can push through and come out come out on top all the better.

Benefits Of Music Lessons For Children – There are many benefits to child learning music, learn about them here.

How To Help Your Child Practice At Home – Tips for assisting your child with practice at home.

Motivation & Advice About Music Lessons:


Is This Normal? – A student asked me this after a couple months of lessons. See what happened to her.

Why Goals Are Important To Your Musical Success – A short article on why goals are important to ensuring success with your music lessons.

3 Reasons You May Not Be Making Progress With Your Musical Goals – The act of setting goals has to be very specific to have real results. Learn here how to make goals that will keep you on track with your success.

Why You Don’t Need Natural Talent To Be Good At Music – Believe it or not, I had absolutely ZERO talent when I started learning music. No one is my family did either. Learn what trumps ‘natural talent’ every time.

How To Knock Out Self Doubt When Trying Something New – Self doubt is a huge block for most students. Whenever trying something new, try to stay positive. Learn some tricks to keep yourself motivated even during the harder beginning stages.

Why The Internet Is Hurting Your Progress – The internet is probably the worst thing available to new students. Find out why the internet can kill your chances of becoming a good musician.

Why It Took Me 27 Years To Finally Believe I Could Sing – Like many students, I didn’t think I would ever be able to to sing. I listened to naysayers and what other people thought and didn’t pursue my dreams until later in life. Learn about my real life singing journey here (VIDEO INCLUDED)

Sometimes Later Becomes Never – Thing will always be better tomorrow, right? Read this article to find out.




Why I Wish My Parents Didn’t Let Me Quit

This is the #1 or at least on of the top 3 things I hear from adults looking to take music lessons. They took piano or guitar or some instrument when they were younger and quit. 20-30 years later, they are calling me on the phone regretting it. I was in that exact...

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Rhythm Exercises For Beginner Students

Looking for some rhythm exercises for beginner music students. Well this music lesson will help you with learning some of the very basics about reading rhythm (vital to music) and understanding how to count (also vital to music). Timing is essential to playing music...

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15 Minutes To Success – Creating More Time In Your Life

Looking for ways to create more time in your life so that you can actually practice all the things you have been learning in your lessons? Think you don't have enough time in your life to even consider taking music lessons right now? The #1 excuse for stopping lessons...

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